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Important Terms Involved in Horse Racing Sport

 There is no chance of winning for confused mind in horse racing batting. One should understand the fundamental of horse racing or the terms involved in handicapping or the sport batting.

Some people brought up watching horse racing event with their parents and are quite fluent in understanding the racing event and do a mindful job in Saratoga picks or of the tip provided through handicap experts.

Horse racing is a sport full of distinct phrases and words. If you want to understand or learn new words to know the sport in a better way, then this post is for you. Going forth, we are going to understand a few terms that are frequently use in racing event or while providing Saratoga picks or winning tips. So, let us get started:

Accumulator Bet:

Accumulator bet is the term used for the involvement of more than one horse or bet. Each winning selection then goes on to the next horse selection or bet places. It is essential that all selection must be successful to win any money back.


Amateur jockey mainly refers to the beginners in racing sport. The term refers to a non-professional jockey who doesn’t receive a fee for riding in a race, denoted on the race card by the prefix Mr, Mrs, Miss, Captain, etc. Amateur jockeys aren’t eligible for all the races.

Battling Market:

A battling market is the place where prices offered for each runner by bookmakers on a specific race like Saratoga picks. A famous horse with punters will have the lesser price.


A racing sports is usually for long distance. At times, the horse needs some rest to start off again. Breathers refers to short time used by a jockey to let the horse relax for sometimes and allow him to fill his lungs during the race and start off again.


At times, two horses collide with one another during the race. The situation refers to bumping. Often bumping when the horses are about to finish the race.

Conditional Jockey:

Unlike jump jockey who receives a weight allowance for inexperience until he has ridden a certain number of winners, a conditional jockey is licensed to a specific trainer. Conditional jockeys are restricted to few races.


It’s a position of the race in the stalls from where horse needs to start the race. The numbers on the stalls drawn by Weathersby. A horse with a seemingly benefits draw is said to be well drawn. The stall is used for flat racing event only.


This term is related to horse batting. A bet where half of the total stake is for the selection to win and half is for the selection to be placed. If the horse wins, the win portion is calculated in the normal way, while the place portion of the bet is settled at a fraction of the win odds.


The term explains the distance of 220 yards that is equivalent of one eight of a mile. The numbered posts on British racecourses refers to number of furlongs remain until the winning post.


During the horserace event like Saratoga Picks, a bet is announced where the aim is to choose both the winner and runner-up in a race. A straight forecast provides winner and runner-up in the right order. Whereas, in dual forecast winner and runner-up announce in any order.


In batting previous racing records matter a lot. Handicappers use or study these records before placing their best bet. Form refers to the record of a horse’s performance in previous races. When you check the form of a particular horse, it would consider of previous records in summarised manner. Form runs from left to right with the oldest races on the left and the most recent on the right.


This is one of the most used terms in horse racing sport. A race where each horse is provided a different weight to carry, according to the official handicap rating calculated by the BHA Handicappers (A team of eleven handicappers whose job is to study and interpret the best result)


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